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How to Get Started in Vinyl Siding Cleaning

No doubt the exteriors of your home can also do with some good care on a regular basis. Luckily, with the beautiful and irresistible summer weather, you can certainly do some thorough cleaning on the outside of your home as well. Take the time to learn more about cleaning vinyl siding, and you are guaranteed of an attractive home. Of course, vinyl is loved by many due to its low-maintenance, but the stains and dirt that accumulates over time can compromise on its aesthetic appeal. Here are some tips to get you started in cleaning your vinyl siding.

One of the DIY ways of getting rid of dirt and stains from your vinyl siding is through pressure washing. Your regular garden hose that has a power spray nozzle can do the job perfectly and so is a pressure washer. It is highly recommended you first conduct a thorough inspection of your vinyl siding to be able to know how much cleaning is necessary. This you do by simply walking around the entire compound checking for any cracks and tears on the vinyl.

The process of washing the vinyl is pretty straightforward; you start by adding vinyl safe soap cleaner on the reservoir or onto a garden sprayer if you are using a water hose. You can also use bleaching solution for a more thorough and affordable cleanup, but you have to exercise lots of caution when doing so. Ensure you spray the solution and clean your vinyl thoroughly before rinsing off the soap and all dirt. You can then complete the cleaning process using a towel to dry off the siding which allows for the removal of all remaining dirt and stains. The other popular method of cleaning vinyl siding is what is known as towel and rag method, typically the way you will clean your car. As is expected, the bucket and rag method may consume a lot of your time so be sure to set aside enough time for that.

Another important thing you should keep in mind is that vinyl siding is best cleaned as the sun goes down. While the summer sun is great for such DIY projects, no doubt having the hot summer sun on your wet vinyl can be problematic as it can melt or warp. Therefore, start your cleaning process as the sun starts to go down so you can have enough time to allow for drying. It would be good to wash and rinse your vinyl in sections so that you don’t miss any spots. You can always plan to clean your vinyl siding once a month.